Shoebox Light

The shoe box lamp uses hundreds of small bulbs, or large bulbs and spotlights. The LED shoe box light forms bright light, and soft light does not cause strong stimulation to human eyes, and has a wide range of exposure. So if you want to use shoe box lights, shoes box lights will not disappoint you.

Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light
Is Shoebox Light


Export box or wood carton.Customized different box for each item.

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(1)In warranty term,any one product was broken because of quality,we will replace it with a new one and take all cost include(shipping and products).

(2)We promise samples lead time 5 days,bulk production max 30 days.

(3)Our sales man 18 hours online.

(4)For our cooperation partners,we will send new modules every year for free.

Product Name: IS shoe box ligh



Weight:110&150W 6.3kg,300W 9.1KG


Warranty:5 years IP66/10 years

Life time: >10 years

If you have special requirements,please contact us


Is Shoebox Light

Is Shoebox Light is a device which regulates voltage and/or current to protect batteries from overcharging in the solar photovoltaic system. It has been observed that most solar panels of 12 volts have output voltage of 16 to 20 volts approximately. So, if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged due to overcharging. In order to get fully charged, most batteries require around 14 to 14.5 volts. A solar charge controller regulates the rate of adding and subtracting of electric current from batteries. It helps to prevent batteries from overcharging and deep discharging. It is also protective against over voltage. This feature of solar charge controller contributes to enhance the lifespan of batteries significantly.

The shoe box lamp bracket and the lamp holder part adopt a collapsible part. Even if you firmly fix the shoe box light on the building, you can adjust its direction at any time. If you want to use the shoe box lights indoors or in some public places, you may not need to adjust the direction of this function, which can save some cost.


Long warranty,Normal products is 3 years in the market.
IP66 protection levery,normal products is IP65 in the market.
Lumens can reach 170lm/w.
Fishbone style heatsink,average temperature< 26°.
Type II,III,V beam angles available and customizable ,other products normal is type II.Built-in occupancy sensor,multiple brackets improving installation time&reducing blind area of visual field.
Improved visual comfort by lower glare.
Providing a wider smoother and more uniform light output.
1-10V,PWM,DALI,Zigbee dimming available.

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