LED Flood Tunnel light

In the tunnel, the choice of light is particularly important, because of the change in the light in the tunnel, it is very easy to cause a car accident, so the LED tunnel lamp has been welcomed by people because of its excellent performance. The light of the LED tunnel lamp is bright, and it will not produce shadow and blurred sight.

LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light
LED Flood Tunnel light


Export box or wood carton.Customized different box for each item.

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Product Name: LED Flood Tunnel light





Warranty:5 years IP66/8 years

Life time: >50000 hours

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LED Tunnel light

The difference between Tunnel lighting and general lighting is because it must be lit 24 hours a day. The illumination intensity during the day are more stronger than at night, it can imagine that tunnel electricity costs are the part of the operating cost; and tunnel lighting is different from general lighting, which has its distinct specificity, including the ability to adapt to light and dark people, shading and lighting transitional space; these are reflected in the design of tunnel lighting, it is for user’s security.

LED flood light

LED flood lights are more energy-efficient than other ways of producing light, and also include fluorescent lighting. Compared with the same halogen lamp, the drop in energy consumption is amazing. Whether you need to illuminate outdoor areas for commercial or commercial use, sports, entertainment, public facilities, private gardens or home living space, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill by choosing the right LED flood light.


Long warranty 5/8 years.Normal products is 3 years in the market.
IP66 protection levery ,normal products is IP65 in the market.
Lumens can reach 170lm/w.
Fishbone style heatsink ,average temperature < 26°.
Type II,III,V beam angles available and customizable ,other products normal is type II. Built-in occupancy sensor ,multiple brackets improving installation time&reducing blind area of visual field.
Improved visual comfort by lower glare.
Providing a wider smoother and more uniform light output.
1-10V,PWM,DALI,Zigbee dimming available.

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