LED Street Light

They found that the LED system consumed around 75% less electricity than the previous street lights.Another major benefit in LED street lights is they have a high light output regardless of temperature,as lamps typically produce less visible light during colder temperatures.Not only is the light output of an LED street light better than an light,but the CRI is much higher and light is spread more evenly with an LED.Most LEDs have a CRI rating between 70-92 whereas lights fall between 20-30 on the CRI scale.The scale measures light quality from 0-100.Lastly,it should be noted that light do not start at full brightness.They slowly generate light after the preliminary ignition,whereas LEDs turn off and on without a ramping or light generating phase.

LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED Street Light


Export box or wood carton.Customized different box for each item.

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(1)In warranty term,any one product was broken because of quality,we will replace it with a new one and take all cost include (shipping and products).

(2)We promise samples lead time 5 days,bulk production max 30 days.

(3)Our sales man 18 hours online.

(4)For our cooperation partners,we will send new modules every year for free.

Product Name: LED street light


Item:40HI,80HI,120HI,160HI, 200HI,280HI,320HI,400HI



Warranty:5 years IP66/8 years

Life time: >50000 hours

If you have special requirements, please contact us


LED street light

Facing the development of new energy and the enhancement of environmental awareness,the solar LED street light floodlight begins to be welcomed by people and the government.Because the solar LED lamp has high luminous intensity and bright light,it is suitable for the use of the street,and the solar lamp does not need to link the wire,and the solar power is used to generate electricity,so it saves the resources very much.


Long warranty 5/8 years,Normal products is 3 years in the market.
IP66 protection levery,normal products is IP65 in the market.
Lumens can reach 170lm/w.
Fishbone style heatsink,average temperature < 26°.
Improved visual comfort by lower glare.
Providing a wider smoother and more uniform light output.
1-10V,PWM,DALI,Zigbee dimming available.
Multi color to choose.

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