Mini LED Street Light

Solar street lamps area unit freelance of public power grids, thereby reducing operational prices. this suggests that these area unit wireless indicators and aren't connected to your power suppliers. the sunshine depends on the warmth emitted by the sun and stores the maximum amount heat as doable in an exceedingly day. star street lamps want less maintenance than ancient street lamps. These area unit less seemingly to overheat. as a result of star wires don't have external wires, the chance of accidents is decreased . Some elements of the star street lighting system are often simply transported to remote areas, creating these lighting issues a lot of economical and convenient.

Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light
Mini LED Street Light


Export box or wood carton.Customized different box for each item.

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(1)In warranty term,any one product was broken because of quality,we will replace it with a new one and take all cost include (shipping and products).

(2)We promise samples lead time 5 days,bulk production max 30 days.

(3)Our sales man 18 hours online.

(4)For our cooperation partners,we will send new modules every year for free.

Product Name: LED street light





Warranty:5 years IP66

Life time: >10 years

If you have special requirements, please contact us


Mini LED Street light

As more and more countries begin to use the more environmentally friendly LED lighting technology to replace the traditional light and lanterns to save the cost,the LED Stree lamp is a broad market in the global market.LED street light usually use half of the energy used by existing streetlights,while new and more durable technologies will maintain minimal maintenance requirements.


Long warranty,Normal products is 3 years in the market.IP66 protection levery,normal products is IP65 in the market.Lumens can reach 120-130lm/w.fishbone style heatsink,average temperature< 26°.High efficiency Inventronics mini driver-moderate price compare to other products in the market.We use good led -LUMILEDS Luxeon 3030 chips,led chips are always told philip or bridgelux etc but never tell you what the detail is in the market,but we can tell and have test report.

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