Solar Chair

The solar rest chair is a kind of clean energy, solar energy is used as the source of power supply for pavilion body,and the element design is in line with fashion elements. Low carbon environmental protection concept plus artificial intelligence,create a recreational multifunctional recreational chairs.
The charging function is very convenient for mobile phones or electronic devices,and a comfortable resting environment allows you to read electronic books or play games quietly.

Solar Chair
Solar Chair
Solar Chair
Solar Chair
Solar Chair
Solar Chair
Solar Chair
Solar Chair


Export box or wood carton.Customized different box for each item.

Our Service

(1)In warranty term,any one product was broken because of quality,we will replace it with a new one and take all cost include(shipping and products).

(2)We promise samples lead time 5 days,bulk production max 30 days.

(3)Our sales man 18 hours online.

(4)For our cooperation partners,we will send new modules every year for free.

Product Name: WYWX01-01 Photovoltaics smart chair

USB3.0 fast fillingoutput voltage/current 5V/2.1A

Wireless charging:5V/2A, 10W

Wireless 4G Router:"Internet speed:150Mbps,effective transmission distance:within 2-25 meters,support WIFI online number:15+,3 nets 5 mode"

LED lamp lighting:12V10W

Bluetooth voice module:5/12V,50-500MA,50Hz-18KHz

Solar controller:12/24V,30-40A,50W

Voltage conversion module:12V to 5V/3A/22W

Trumpet: 12V10W,45Hz-18KHz

Seat position:PVC

Advertising position:3

This is just one of the details of the smart seat.If you want to know more about it,please contact us.


LED Solar Chair

Solar lighting chairs and lighting and USB ports charge electronic products.It is the best place for tourists to relax and eat when they are in the wild.Whether you like technology or closer to nature,we can provide it, and it uses solar energy to charge, environmental protection and energy saving.The power of the solar lighting chair will be stored as a charge for your mobile phone or computer.

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