UFO High Bay Light

The UFO High Bay Light used in the production workshop require very high brightness to ensure that every detail can be seen in the production of the product so as to ensure the quality of the product.Therefore,our UFO High Bay Light use compact light bulbs,high brightness,and can play a certain shadowless effect,as far as possible to reduce the dead angle of light.

UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light


Export box or wood carton.Customized different box for each item.

Our Service

(1)In warranty term,any one product was broken because of quality,we will replace it with a new one and take all cost include(shipping and products).

(2)We promise samples lead time 5 days,bulk production max 30 days.

(3)Our sales man 18 hours online.

(4)For our cooperation partners,we will send new modules every year for free.

Product Name: LED UFO high bay light



Weight:110&150W 6.3kg,300W 9.1KG


Warranty:5 years IP66/10 years

Life time: >10 years

If you have special requirements, please contact us


LED UFO high bay light

First of all, you need to know that our UFO lamp can use solar energy, which can save you some costs, and very environmentally friendly, and do not need wires and links to it, and will not be affected by power outages.
Our UFO lights remind the vehicle and help track your dog at night. UFO illuminates our working environment. A variety of white LED emits high visible light stability, flash and rotation in three modes. The waterproof design of our UFO lamp makes it suitable for any weather.

UFO light advantages:

Long warranty 5/8 years.Normal products is 3 years in the market.
Lumens can reach 170lm/w.
Original chimney housing brings excellent cooling performance,10-12°lower than normal products in the market and less weight.
Contour design in different way ,breaking routines.
Unique back light design-improve installation time&reduce bline area.

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