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Magic series 

MPPT Solar charge controller_LCD

Production introduction 

Magic series MPPT solar controllers adopt MPPT control arithmetic,which can noteworthy improves the use efficiency of solar system energy due to the capacity of quickly tracking the maximum power point in any environments.Magic series MPPT solar charge controllers also adopt ther RS485 communication protocol,which can maximum meets the monitoring demand,can be wisely used for solar telecombase station ,solar BTS,solar household system ,solar street lamp system and solar monitoring systems.

Production Features

  1. Innovative MPPT technology,tracking efficiency 99.9%,conversion efficiency up to 98%.

  2. Real-time display the operational data and working status of the controllerin digital,graphic and textual forms by a large LCD.

  3. AGM,liquid and Gel battery for selection.

  4. Two navigation buttons,easy to implement various operations.

  5. 12V/24V automatic recognition,Tmeperature compensation.

  6. Perfect EMC design.

  7. Four stage charge way:MPPT,boost,equalization,float.

  8. Full automatic electronic protect function. 

You can see how is our artwork of MPPT controller , our MPPT controller most jobs are finished by robot arms not people hands . 


Company CV: 

Business Model:

Our company is combined with 2 factories and 1 trading office (solar light factory(Sre factory) with one battery partner(Allgrand) , LED lighting factory(Aok factory) and trading office(Hangchi)) . Factories main job is on products quality and technology ,the duty of trading office is to manage  international business ,bring orders and do service for factory and customers .  Please see our factories function as below : 
-Manufacturing fixtures and assembling LED lighting (Chips and Drivers are purchased from well known brand ) for LED lighting. 
-Solar panels inspection line and assembling line for solar factory ,solar street lights are assembled in solar factory. Our solar lights rank is 20W solar street light -100W solar street light . 

-Trading office is in charge of all trading procedures .

MPPT controller is our own main products for solar led light , its design is according to strict industry level so that anti-thunder,anti-shock,angle of luminaire all are qualified even excellent . There is CE,ROHS certificates . We hope our solar led light will help you to get more orders ,so please turn on your computer and email to me or call me directly . 

Mobile: +86 155 5220 6756            

Skype :          live:gavin_3391                       Wechat&Whats App: +86 155 5220 6756 . 

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Room 1307 1st Avenue, No. 28 Xisheng District, Zhifu District, Yantai, China

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